How to behave properly in the casino table

How to behave properly in the casino table

If you are a frequent visitor to the casinos, it would be nice to familiarize yourself with some etiquette. In this article, we will check out some of the Dos and Don’ts

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Refrain from taking photographs and selfies

Most of the casinos do not allow photographs. Hence if you want to take some cool pics of your casino trip then you must consult before clicking one.  

Refrain from using mobile:

Refrain from using a mobile phone at the casino table. You may distract the other players with your excessive usage of mobile phones.

Do not drink too much

By drinking too much you not only have the risk of losing more money but there are chances that you behave inappropriately with the other casino members. Hence you must not drink too much while at the casino.

Refrain from emotional outbursts

When you win or lose a huge amount at the casino you tend to overreact. But it will be judicious to keep the emotions confined to you only. Too much display of emotions can distract other players and make you look weird.

Follow the casino dress code

Most of the casinos do not follow a dress code. You can dress comfortably. However, some of the casinos do. It is imperative to check the dress code before entering

Check out the rules before placing your wager:

You should be aware of the rules before placing a wager. You can ask some questions but you need to know the basic rules.

Don’t forget to tip

You can tip but not extravagantly.

Be aware of your bankroll:

Of course, you need to be aware of the bankroll and have good planning well in advance. If you bet for an amount and then realize that you cant actually afford it, then you may be a laughing stock at the casino.

Don’t take too much time making a decision:

It is important to make good decisions but you should not think too much. When you think a lot you waste too much time which can be irritating for others.

Listen to your dealer:

It is imperative to listen to your dealer while at the casino. When your dealer says it’s no betting he  means it

Don’t sit at the table unnecessarily for long if you are not going to bet

Most of the people do this which is considered as a bad manner. Don’t sit at the table if you have no intention to bet as you can irritate others in the process.

Movie-themed slots

Movie-themed slots

Slot lovers prefer variations and hence slots come up with new and exciting themes. One of the most popular slots can be the movie-themed slot. It makes you feel nostalgic about your favourite movies and characters. Game builders work in affiliation with main film studios to create creative and modern slots based on hit movies. You will discover formally licensed movie slots to boast exceptional picture and sound consequences, original film footages etc. that gives you an original feel of the movie. Movies and slots both are forms of entertainment and when both are combined together it definitely becomes highly entertaining.

In the below article we will look into some of the famous movie slots:

Justice league

The main casino sport developer, Playtech have evolved various brilliant video slots primarily based on the dc comics universe. The justice league slot is based on the 2017 Warner brothers film, and it features the presence of numerous superheroes. Justice League is a part of the dc wonderful heroes’ jackpot slots series. It is considered to have the potential to pay out huge jackpots. Hence if you are a superhero fan you can consider playing this.


 If you loved the movie about the actual-existence stoner teddy bear, you will no longer need to overlook this slot. Blueprint gaming’s ted slot is an extraordinary spin-off from the film, with excellent 3D pictures and proper sound-bites. The Slumbering ted can work on any spin and randomly trigger one in all six unique modifiers, among which there might be a psychedelic wonderful spin, Lazer gun infectious wilds, and beer shuffle. This recreation has surely been made with fans film firmly in mind. The resourceful themed-capabilities and uncanny attention to detail make this a unique and unique slot.


 Halloween is an exceptionally new addition to the micro gaming slots selection. It is primarily based on the 1978 film directed by John Chippie and starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her movie debut. The film centers around Michael Myers and his murderous spree. The Halloween online slot creates a spooky and horrifying ecosystem, thanks to the eerie soundtrack and the authentically themed unique features.

Movie-themed slots game


 The Matrix is considered to be the best technological know-how fiction movies of all time. The awesome Playtech slot has derived its inspiration from this movie. Morpheus, Trinity and Agent Smith seem as elevated symbols, at the same time as the Neo and the enduring black cat provide the wild symbols. The game perfectly captures the essence of the movie, with green code scrolling towards the black backdrop.

Hence, if you are bored with the traditional slots then the above movie slots can definitely entertain you. 


How can you determine if an online casino is good or bad?

How can you determine if an online casino is good or bad?

There are several elements that you should consider an online casino. Let us take a look.

A recognizable brand name: It is always advisable to choose a reputed brand. Generally, the online casinos that rank high on search engines like Google are well-established in the media. A popular brand name is much more likely to be trustworthy than an unknown brand.

online casino is good or bad?

Where the casino is licensed: Verify whether the casino in consideration is licensed or not. Usually, this is displayed at the foot of the casino’s homepage.

Software: Online casino software is generally provided by only a handful of big names. Realtime Gaming software is generally the most popular. However, it is unfortunate that RTG is not strict with its licensing so it is possible to find some rogue casinos that use Real Time Gaming software. However, outside the USA most reputed online casinos uses Net Entertainment or Microgaming. It is unlikely that a bad casino will use this software: which should give you some straightforward peace of mind. Playtech is another popular name in the industry, but again, it is less strict on licensing. There are a handful of bad casinos that may use Playtech software.

Also, you can watch out the online casinos that use games from suppliers like Novomatic, WMS, and Aristocrat. Usually, they are safe.

Who is behind the website: Perhaps the most important element to distinguish between a good online casino and a bad one is to look at the names backing the casino. Most of the websites generally have its own “About Us” section. Here you should be able to find some information regarding the company’s name and address with details of who is running the casino. Check if the Phone numbers, addresses, and information are available

online casino is good or bad?

Reviews- Reviews cannot be always trusted. 

Some companies pay writers to write bad reviews for their competitors and good reviews for their own services. However, look for independent review websites and use that to conclude whether the casino is offering a good quality of service or not.

Spam mails: You need to pay attention to spam emails. Each online casino you choose their website, so they may send the odd email to try and attract you back to their platform. However, generally, there are options to sign out of these constant emails. Please select the ‘unsubscribe’ option. You should never sign up for an online casino through SPAM email. Make sure to always check out the website thoroughly first.

Jackpot City Casino Reviews & Playing Guide

Jackpot City Casino Reviews & Playing Guide

Jackpot City Casino is regarded as one of the best internet casinos in the present times. This casino was started in 1998. And holding a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority and also certified with eCogra. The front interface of the jackpot casino is very user-friendly to play. This casino having almost over 600 games with 97% payout weekly bonuses. Jackpot casino also holds 430 different slots for Indian lovers.

How Indians Can Signup with Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot city casino is very simple to sign up with, which just takes 5 min to complete the registration process with your personal details.

  1. Your Full name
  2. Your Residential Address
  3. Your Contact Details 

Once you complete the signup process then you will get the verification email to confirm your email address. That email also includes the information on welcome bonus and how you can claim is essential to fill the details right otherwise there will be an issue while withdrawing your earnings. 

Play the Jackpot Casino On Mobile

Jackpotcity casino is specially designed for mobile users so there is no need to download the app on your phone. This game is highly protected by an SSL certificate so the user’s data is safe & secure. It has a large variety of games available on Android & IOS. Games like baccarat, blackjack, and video poker games can be found on jackpot city casino.

Bonus Offers

Jackpotcity Casino offers a welcome bonus to its new members with 200,000Rs. The 50x Wagering condition is high. There is a big advantage that only the bonus is used to play the game, while your deposit is safe. Jackpot casino updates the bonus regularly so keep checking their main website for the latest offers. If you play more, you will get more bonuses.

Jackpot City Casino

Games & Softwares Options

As we mentioned earlier, Jackpotcity Casino has a database of 630 games including more than 430 Slots to play. They also offer country-specific games such as Australian pokies or UK style Slot machines. Users can enjoy more than 70 different table games like blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and many more.
The World’s best software provider is Microgaming, powered by the Casino games at jackpot city. They always develop the latest technology based casino games and have won the EGR Awards 2019 for their quality work.

Deposit & Withdrawal Process

Jackpotcity casino Withdrawal process is Fast, secure, and easy. You can withdraw your earnings within 48 hours and their minimum withdrawal is $10 and has no maximum limit to withdraw. Indian Users can deposit the money through debit Card, Webmoney, e-wallet & direct bank transfer.
Conclusion:- jackpot city Casino known for Online Slot games and if you love to play then you have more than 400 slots to choose from. You will get the welcome bonus on the signup process. Gambling is safe & secure with Jackpot city Casino because they are licensed from MGA and eCogra Gaming authority.

Skill Based Casino Games: Advantages and disadvantages

Skill Based Casino Games: Advantages and disadvantages

Casino Games of Skill

Before we speak about the advantages and disadvantages of skill-based casino games, let’s take a look at the games we are considering.

  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Sports Betting

While luck still has an important role to play into the above games, the player is additionally given a chance to form decisions that greatly influence the result. this is often directly contrasted by games of pure chance like slot machines and roulette, where the player is powerless to influence the results. 

Advantages of Skill Based Casino Games

Now that we’ve defined the difference between games of skill and chance, let’s take a look at a number of the more positive aspects of the former

1.The most blatant advantage is that skill-based games allow the player to affect the result of the competition. this is often usually accomplished by either memorizing a technique chart or learning the mathematical odds for every option during game play. Those who favor games of chance let luck decide for them. However,skilled players prefers to take charge of their actions.

2.By employing strategies that the other players have used over the decades, a gambler can often lower the house edge. one in every of the foremost notable examples is video poker, where the correct version of the sport and adherence to the most effective possible strategy can even eliminate the house edge entirely and provides the player a small mathematical advantage

3.For years, the games listed earlier during this article were the sole options for players who wanted to depend upon skill. As some casinos are starting to install new games that favor skill—especially reflexes and muscle memory–more than ever before. This movement is currently being spearheaded by metropolis in an attempt to bolster their faltering gaming economy

 Advantages and disadvantages of casino games

Disadvantages of Skill-Based Casino Games

Based Casino Games Despite a number of their obvious advantages, skill-based games aren’t favored by all players. This section details a number of the foremost popular reasons.

1.Regardless of what proportion skill is applied to games like poker or blackjack, the cards are still dealt indiscriminately. Some players view these options as being even as unpredictable as other casino options, so that they favor to save their time and energy and let fate run its course.

2.Taking the time to be told various varieties of strategy and probability can seem to be a full-time job to some. Card counters and other advantage players indeed spend many hours honing their skills, both reception and within the casinos. Without committing the time to be told the most effective action in any situation, the player is once more passionate about luck to work out the result.

3.The majority are essentially lazy, which is why an increasing number of casino games are being manufactured with built-in automated features to assist customers who want to play skill games without first committing the right strategy to memory. as an example, the auto-hold feature in some video poker games keeps the most effective cards for the players, preventing them from having to recollect anything aside from inserting money and pressing the deal button. With these helpful functions in situ, most customers could also be even as prepared as those that put in hours of practice


Slot Games for the summer

Slot Games for the summer:

Summer is indeed a fun time and people spend more time playing games. Hence if one among your favourite pastimes is playing at casinos, you will probably have a great time trying online gaming. There are many slot games which help you to get a flavour of the season. The web casino scene has grown and has become too flashy and exciting recently. Take an opportunity and chill with a number of the simplest slots online. In short, if summer is your favourite month then you may consider playing the below online games:

Slot Games for the summer:

Sunset Beach

 In this game, you are accompanied by three girls who are always in the party mood. Playtech allows you to play 4 slots at a time

Sunny Shores

Enjoy a tropical cocktail with Sunny Shores, a singular coin machine that invites punters to enjoy some hot and exotic spinning action. With the clear blue waters of a paradise island, this game is certain to appeal to a huge sort of. Helping players to line up the fruits along the pay line patterns may be a special bonus element that involves and expanding and sticky wild that appears for a free reel re-spin. So, kick back, relax, and let the slot do the hard work!

Sunny Shores gaming is an easy slot and central thereto is its Sunny Wild Re-spin feature. 


The Beach slot game will cause you to feel pretty good with the thrill which you enjoy call at the sun. As there are options for you to settle on the paid version of the sport, you will feel the sport in a very realistic manner. This game is sort of a ticket for the players to urge the summer mood.

The symbols, despite the way that basic, the scenery overflows unwinding and peacefulness, which may be impossible to miss, attributes for an expansive paying slot, however, brilliant ones regardless.

This game has two traditional typical symbols and one extra Wild symbol. The bottle is taken into account to be the Scatter symbol; tablet with sign ‘Wild’ over is taken into account as wild. A further Wild symbol is additionally there within the sort of Octopus Wild. The opposite symbols are tanks with treasure, shell with pearl, shells, starfish, and traditional playing cards from 10 to Ace. 

Summer Slot Games

Spiña Colada

Spiña Colada looks fantastic – you have whisked away to a tropical beach bar and symbols on the reels include ingredients to form a cocktail. You will find watermelons, pineapples, kiwis, oranges, strawberries, and three cocktails. The Spiña Colada logo is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols.

The game comes with a re-Spin feature which is played once you get a winning combination of three or more symbols on a minimum of 1 pay line. The winning symbols will then freeze with a re-spin awarded. You will still get re-spins as long as you hit more of an equivalent symbol anywhere on the reels. This game truly is that the slot game version of cool, refreshing drinks on a sweltering summer day. A mixed drink is packed filled with features, and just keeps you spinning those reels to undertake and refill the feature meters.

Aloha! Cluster Pays

The sport is often played for free of charge or real cash is it on a desktop or smartphones like Androids, tablets or iPhones. Customization options allow you to line the sport graphics, audio and therefore the number of free spins. The soundtrack of the sport further complements its theme.

A win is awarded when 9 or more of equivalent cluster symbols appear on a lively pay line. When it appears next to an adjacent symbol it transforms that symbol by awarding the very best possible winning combination. The great news is that it can appear anywhere on the reels. Just confine the mind that the substitution symbol cannot replace the free spins icon.